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Meet Royal or “Roy” as we have been calling him. He is approximately 1.5 years old.  His foster parents had this to say about him:

I think our work is done and it is time for him to find a home where the rest of his “work” can be done on a forever basis in a loving home! He sleeps with his foster dad & he now jumps up on my lap and will stay either on my lap or resting right up against me for about 10-30min. He is NOT big on kids and runs away.

He LOVES other cats and loves our dog….he is VERY playful and fun to watch!! He hates to be picked up UNLESS it is with both hands (one under his front armpits and one on his belly) and only after being pet……from off the floor to on the bed where he shows submissive behavior and wants to be rubbed under his chin/ears and down his spine…..THEN he starts to drool and purr and head butt you!

Although he is blind in his left eye it does not stop him at ALL!!

He needs to be in a home with other cats (without a doubt), with no kids. He still sneeze’s daily due to a herpes viral infection (which is very common in cats).  He really is a gentle soul and really wants to NOT be scared!

If you would like to adopt Royal, please fill our our application here: GVAC Cat Adoption Form or email us for more information:


Simba – Updated pictures June 2013

Simba June 2013Simba 2013

Simba is a big lynx point Siamese X Long hair with blue eyes and a very easy-going nature. A gentle cat who is more interested in being petted than chasing things and playing, Simba doesn’t need much to be happy, except for insulin, thanks to his diabetes.

To stay healthy, Simba needs an injection twice a day and diabetic food. Both of these things are affordable for most people, and his amazing personality more than makes up for the extra bit of care required. His diabetes has been under steady control for over a year, and in terms of behavior and spirit he’s no different than any other cat. He has a lovely foster home, but would like to find a permanent home somewhere where he could have lots of company.

If you are interested in adopting SImba, you can see more of him on his youtube channel: GVAC is still supporting him, so you can also make a donation to help keep him in needles and insulin, food and vet care.

If you would like to adopt Simba, please fill our our application here: GVAC Cat Adoption Form or email us for more information:

Darby & Loki – updated June 2013



IMG_1322 - DarbyIMG_1315 - DarbyIMG_1330 - Darby

Update – it was discovered that Darby (the grey tabby) is diabetic.  His wonderful foster dad, Steve, is giving Darby his shots and making sure that his insulin levels are monitored at all times.  Kitties with diabetes live a great long life after they are diagnosed.

Darby and Loki are 8 years old and have been together since kittens and are a bonded pair. They were returned to GVAC after being adopted out to the same family.   They are healthy and happy.  The foster home says that they both need time to trust, but after just 2 weeks, they come out and purr and rub and knead. You can actually hear Loki purring under the bed. He is a big orange tabby with a little stubby tail.  Darby has come out and lies on the bed with you and will purr and be very content if you pet and rub his face. He is easily brought out now with Temptations.   Both these boys are friendly but just a bit nervous.  If you adopt these boys you will get a lifetime of purring and loving.

Can you find it in your heart and your home to give these boys another chance at a happily ever after?

Darby & Loki have both been neutered, fully vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV.  Darby is diabetic.

If you would like to adopt them, please fill out our application here:GVAC Cat Adoption Form or you can email us for more information:

IMG_1197 - lokiIMG_1182 - lokiIMG_1187 - loki