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Our Low Income Cat Spay and Neuter Blitz is now complete. Thank you to Capital Cat Clinic for partnering with us for this blitz!

Be an Angel for an Animal in Need – Vincent Van Gogh aka Vinnie


Here is the information from the folks who rescued Vinnie in Port Hardy:

This is Vinnie Van Gogh. When I found him, he jumped into our arms purring ever so affectionately even though he was filthy and starving but most importantly his ears were falling off. They were completely diseased, bleeding and ragged. We thought surely an animal had attacked him. We fed him and took him to our local pound who kept him for days without medical attention. When he was finally seen by the vet, a biopsy was done on his ears and they were found to be cancerous. The vet in Port Hardy was familiar with this cat and had suspected abuse and neglect. He survived for over a year with his ears literally falling off and on his own in the bush!! He needed two operations to remove his ears and all the while had no home. We raised over $1000. to help pay for his medical costs that the vet generously discounted for him/us. 

From there, the kind folks who raised the funds for Vinnie posted his story on Facebook and everywhere they could.  The folks at GVAC saw him and decided to bring him into permanent foster care.  We wanted to give him the love, vet care & forever home that he deserved.  Since that time, he has had a recurrence of cancer, but he had a successful surgery to remove another tumor (Thanks, Dr. McCartney of McKenzie Vet Clinic for giving us such a great discount!)  Vinnie is living out his days in his forever foster with two other special needs cats and one crazy kitten that Vinnie has adopted as his own.  Vinnie needs to be monitored for cancer and also we need to make sure that he stays healthy with special food and supplements.  He gets lots of love from his foster mom who he loves as well.  Vinnie also is best friends with his foster brother, Teddy. Teddy loves his big brother Vinnie and the two of them play & tumble around every day.

If you would like to sponsor Vinnie, please email or donate through either paypal, Canada Helps or send a cheque to us.  As one of Vinnie’s Angel Sponsors, we will send you a picture of Vinnie for you to keep and will send you email updates on his progress.

Vinnie & the girls

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Our Winter Low Income Spay & Neuter Blitz is now complete – thanks to Capital Cat Clinic for the support!!

GVAC is a Registered Charity. We are 100% volunteer-run, so all donations go to help animals in need. We depend solely on donations, legacies, and fundraisers to continue our mission to help save animals lives. Want to help save lives? Consider becoming a volunteer today. Click here to learn more.

Who we are and what we do

Our main mandate is spaying and neutering, so we provide financial support to low income families with these costs.   We also provide much needed assistance and services including:

  • Paying for spay/neuter and vet costs for abandoned and unwanted animals.
  • Assisting the CRD Pound and Victoria Animal Control with vet costs for stray and abandoned animals.
  • Foster and adoption program to help find loving homes for stray and abandoned animals when foster homes are available.
  • Feeding, trapping, spaying/neutering feral cat colonies throughout Victoria.  Re-homing and taming the feral kittens when possible.
  • Funding and rehabilitating injured and rescued animals when resources permit.
  • Promoting animal welfare by setting a good example, assisting with spay/neuter costs and educating the public on the importance on spaying and neutering.
  • Working co-operatively with other rescue groups.
  • Working with the homeless in regard to helping their companion animals with vet fees & passing along donated food & supplies when available.

GVAC helps over 1,500 companion animals each year!

Registered Charity Number: 1189 46888 RR0001 – we can send you a tax receipt for any donation over $10, whether you donate cash or a gift-in-kind!

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What Makes Us Different?

GVAC is one of only three groups in the Greater Victoria area that provides funding for low income families and people on disability.  When you donate to GVAC, you are directly touching the lives of these animals and families in need.

  • GVAC has no Shelter or Facility. Therefore, each animal is placed into a foster home which allows us to to tell you about each animal’s personality in a home environment.
  • Each cat receives a vet check up, vaccines, deworm, deflea and spay/neuter.
  • All dogs are vet checked, dewormed, deflead, spayed/neutered and assessed by a professional dog trainer.
  • We do home visits prior to every adoption. This is a personal way we can ensure we find the best fit not only for the animals, but for the new home as well.
  • The volunteers at GVAC are always available to you for advice or assistance — even years after adoption! When you adopt from us we are always here to provide any guidance we can. Whatever the question, concern, or issue that may arise down the road, we are always here to help if we can! Just send us an email at We want to ensure everyone is happy and healthy for the life of the pet.
  • We are a 100% “Volunteer” Organization so every penny raised goes to the animals. As well you can be assured that since we are completely run by volunteers we are all here for the love and passion of each and every animal. These animals are being fostered in our homes so our hearts are invested in each and every one of them!

Found some feral kittens? Here’s how you can help us to help them

What is a Feral Cat?

Feral cats are the offspring of domestic cats who have never lived with humans. They are the prod­uct of human neglect and live in colonies in alleys, dumps, parks, on school grounds – wherever they can find food and shelter.  If you have ever tried to approach a scruffy cat, only to find it retreat­ing with lightening speed, apparently afraid to come anywhere near, you have likely encountered a feral cat.

Many people mistakenly think that feral cats refer to all stray cats. Cats that are seen roaming on the street are often runaways or neglected cats that have had contact with humans and are not true feral cats.  Another mistaken opinion is that feral cats are wildlife. Feral cats cannot be defined as ‘wildlife’ in that they are not a naturally occurring wild species. Rather, feral cats are descended from domestic animals that, due to human neglect, have been forced to live as wild animals. As such, their care is society’s responsibility.

Feral cats are a growing concern in cities across Canada be­cause they multiply quickly and spread diseases to other felines. Cats breed rapidly and one cat and its offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years, with two or three litters per year. The volunteers of Greater Victoria Animal Crusad­ers and Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund work to make a better life for these cats. Most feral cats live less than 2 or 3 years if they manage to survive beyond kitten hood.

GVAC and Dee’s support a ‘trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate and release program’, which involves catching stray and feral cats, neutering and vaccinating them and then releasing them. The process will effectively decrease the number of feral cats as they will not be able to reproduce.

Some people have advocated eutha­nasia as the most appropriate method to solve the problem of feral cat colonies. However, this approach does very little. Once all the feral cats in a colony are euthanized to wipe out the colony, other abandoned cats will move into the space, breed and the colony will restart. Our ap­proach is more effective and more humane.

If you see or know of a bunch of cats that you suspect may be feral, please call us, and we will work to make their lives better. If you see a preg­nant cat please call, as many females cats are abandoned once they get pregnant. We do not want them to give birth outside, but rather safely in one of our foster homes.

If you find a bunch of kittens outside, gather them up immediately. For exam­ple, if they are in your compost bin, un­der your deck, or in a wood pile, imme­diate intervention is necessary. Gather them up even if they are very small and call or email:

Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund (Dees) ph# 250-896-5771 email: or Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders (GVAC) email:

Please keep watch for the mom cat, as we will want to catch her if possible.


GVAC does not have a phone line.  Please contact us via email at for all inquiries.  Free Internet access is available at your local library or ask your vet clinic to email us on your behalf. We are a volunteer-run organization and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible, but please be patient with us if it takes a few days.